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The Club

The Club: Is time to have fun

A stage for live concerts

Performances and much more

The peculiar dome is home to the Club. A space with stage for live music, concerts and International DJ´s. The best way to finish your day in Valencia.

At the club, all summer you can enjoy the best evenings with the best music. Overlooking the club you can find our VIP área, where you can reserve a table with bottle service and shishas.

Lounge Service

Pool Bottle

VIP Bottle

VIP & Pool Tables

VIP & Pool Tables special days

The bottle service includes 12 soft drinks. Prices in euros. VAT included.

Prices for 1 to 5 people per table up to a maximum of 7 people. For more than 5 people the prices will be proportional. For example a table of 5 people for the amount of 200€, will have a price per person of 40€ (200/5 = 40€), therefore it will be 240€ for 6 people and 280€ for 7 people. 8 people will pay for two tables.