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Sunbeds booking

Sunbeds booking


Beach Sunbed:
10.30AM to 7PM

Pool Sunbed:
10.30AM to 5PM (Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Oct & Nov)
10.30AM to 6PM (Jul, Aug & Sep)

Terms and conditions

 Consumptions in the sunbeds must be requested and paid at the moment, exclusively through the sunbed’s menu. It's important to note that orders from the restaurant menu are not accepted in this area, nor vice versa. Booking a sunbed does not guarantee a table reservation in the restaurant.

The renting of your sunbed includes: use of the pool (over 18 years old), sunbed and 1 towel. The towel will have a deposit of 15 euros, and the loss or deterioration of the towel will imply the loss of the deposit. Additional towels will cost 5 euros per towel.

Drinks in the SUNBEDS area can only be made in this area, and are limited to the SUNBEDS menu. These drinks cannot be made in the restaurant, nor can you order products from the RESTAURANT menu. The reservation of sunbeds does not imply the reservation of a restaurant table.

Making a reservation in our restaurants does not imply having a reservation in the pool area.

We inform you that THE SUNBEDS are in an outdoor space. If due to adverse weather conditions the service cannot be carried out, your deposit will be transferred to another day according to availability.

The amount paid for a reservation in hammocks will never be refunded outside the 14 days in advance, the date may be changed if the day could not be given the service for reasons attributable to Marina Beach Club. Marina Beach Club DOES NOT GUARANTEE SUN OR GOOD WEATHER. The risk of hiring this service in advance of weather disturbances is the customer, if you have doubts DO NOT HIRE THIS SERVICE in advance and wait for the day you want this service. If you decide to book in advance you are accepting this condition.

Access to the SUNBEDS Pool area will be for people over 18 years of age.

Access to SUNBEDS Beach is allowed to minors accompanied by their parents, not having access to the pool.

BEHAVIOR: The client must behave appropriately within the establishment, being forbidden to alter the order and disturb other clients. It is not allowed to organize scandals, or physical or verbal violence towards the employees of the complex or other clients.

We inform you that for your safety and the use of sun creams, you should not sit on the overflow of the pool to avoid falls and stains on your swimsuit.

POOL: The pool will remain open from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. The clients of the terraces and restaurants will not be able to use the swimming pool. The use of the pool is exclusively for customers who rent a sunbed (check the minimum consumption to use the pool).

The use of towels is not allowed, except those provided by Marina Beach Club. Clients must submit to the conditions of use of the pool described here. The use of mats, floats or any object that is not provided by Marina Beach Club is not allowed.

BELONGINGS: Marina Beach Club is not responsible for loss, damage, or theft of cash, jewelry or other valuables left on the premises.

ANIMALS: Access to the establishment with animals is not allowed, except as indicated for guide dogs for the disabled.

The hours of the meal service in the sunbeds will be from 11:00 (or at the time that the kitchen opens) to 16:00.

Only our "Pool & Beach Area Service" menu may be used for consumption.

The consumption of food and beverages that come from abroad is not allowed.

Take into account your belongings within our premises, since during your stay at Marina Beach Club we cannot be held responsible for any unattended personal item or product.

For groups of more than 14 people please contact reservas@marinabeachclub.com

It is not allowed to enter with disguises and / or or with humiliating and hurtful badges on their clothing.


The maximum time of your reservation will be 30 minutes, after that time your reservation will not be insured (Please, in case of delay, contact our telephone number).

If you cancel your reservation more than 14 days in advance, the full amount will be refunded, except € 5 (excluding management fees).

If you cancel your reservation less than 14 days in advance, the price of your reservation will not be refunded.

Any cancellation of any product or service in our establishments will be governed by the Cancellation Policy published on our website. However, if the health authorities impose any restriction that prevents the provision of said service in its entirety (not partially), the full amount of the reservation or the amount paid will be returned.