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The Club Booking

The Club: Booking

Monday to friday and sunday 18:00 - 03:30h
Saturday: 18:00 - 22:30h | 23:00 - 03:30h


The bottle service includes 12 soft drinks. Prices in euros. VAT included.

Prices for 1 to 5 people per table up to a maximum of 7 people. For more than 5 people the prices will be proportional. For example a table of 5 people for the amount of 200€, will have a price per person of 40€ (200/5 = 40€), therefore it will be 240€ for 6 people and 280€ for 7 people. 8 people will pay for two tables.

Terms and conditions

THE CLUB is an open-air venue. If, due to adverse weather conditions, the service can not be performed, your deposit will be moved to another day according to availability.

If you want to have your sofa or bed in both time slots you must book in both shifts and therefore the minimum consumption will double.

There is no stamp to leave the Club.

The minimum consumption per table, includes only the products of our VIP bottles. Food and Shisha are excluded from the minimum consumption.

You can only reserve area, not the table in particular.

Groups over 14 people please get in touch with reservas@marinabeachclub.com

Hours: Monday to friday and sunday  17:30 - 03:30h
Saturday:  17:30 - 22:30h |  22:30 - 03:30h

Keep an eye on your belongings, since during your stay at Marina Beach Club we can not be responsible for any personal item or unattended product.

Dress Code for the VIP area is informal, according to our daytime parties, swimsuits and flip flops are not allowed.

Entrance not allowed with disguises and / or with bad and hurtful badges in their costumes.

Access to the club allowed for people over 20 years old, except on Saturdays for people over 22 years old.


Maximum time of your reservation will be 30 minutes, after that your reservation will not be insured (Please, in case of delay, please contact by phone).

If you cancel more than 14 days in advance, full amount will be refunded, except 5€ (excluding management costs)

If you cancel less than 14 days in advance, reservation will not be refunded.