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General rules

General rules

Access to minors is allowed throughout the complex except the pool and the Club.
Please take into account the following table of ages for spaces in the complex:


The pool will remain open from 11.00h to 18.00h

Bachelor parties are not allowed in any space of the complex. No people are allowed in disguise or with signs of humiliation or hurtfulness in their costumes. Any reservation in the complex will be canceled if any of the attendees break these rules or is part of this type of event.



Access to the site is free, unless otherwise indicated. It is strictly forbidden to access the facilities of the complex to those people who are not clients at that time of the restaurants, hammocks and terraces. Being a client does not give the right to invite other people to use the facilities of the complex. It is not allowed to access the complex with drinks or food from abroad. The company reserves the right of admission.


Children under 18 are not allowed if they are not accompanied by their parents or legal guardians. It is forbidden to access the venue with means of transportation or children's games such as bicycles, skates, skateboards, tops, balls, consoles with sound, etc.


MARINA Restaurant: formal dress code. Forbidden entry of gentlemen without a shirt or with a tank top. Access is not allowed in a bathing suit or without footwear.

EL PORTET Restaurant: informal dress code. In men, it is not allowed to wear the naked torso.


The client must behave properly within the establishment, being prohibited to alter the order and bother other customers. It is not allowed to organize scandals, or physical or verbal violence towards the employees of the complex or other clients.


The pool will remain open from 11:00 h. at 6:00 p.m. The clients of the terraces and restaurants will not be able to use the pool. Access to the pool is exclusive for those who have rented hammocks (check the minimum consumption necessary to make use of the pool).

Towels are not allowed, except those provided by Marina Beach Club. Clients must abide by the conditions of use of the pool described here.

The use of floats, mats or any object that is not provided by Marina Beach Club is not allowed.


Marina Beach Club is not responsible for loss, damage or theft in cash, jewelry or other valuables that are left on the premises. Animals Access to the establishment with animals is not allowed, except for what is indicated for guide dogs for the disabled.


It is not allowed to access the establishment with animals, except as indicated for the guide dogs of the disabled.


All the hammocks and umbrellas of the complex are for rent.


Pursuant to decree 14/2010 Consell de la Generalitat Valenciana, which approves the General Regulation of Admission of people in public entertainment establishments and recreational activities, access and permanence of people in the establishment will be prevented in the following cases:

  • When the established capacity has been completed with users who are inside the premises or establishment.
  • When the closing hours of the establishment have been exceeded.
  • When the minimum age established to access the premises is lacking, according to current regulations.
  • When the person who intends to access has not paid the entry or location in cases where it is required.
  • When the person expresses violent attitudes, especially when he behaves aggressively or provokes altercations, he creates situations of danger or inconvenience to other attendees, or does not meet the hygiene conditions.
  • When the person carries arms, and objects likely to be used as such, unless in accordance with the provisions at all times by the specific applicable regulations, are members of the Security Forces or private escorts in private companies , and access the establishment in the exercise of its functions.
  • When the person is using drugs, narcotic or psychotropic substances, or showing symptoms of having consumed them, and those showing obvious signs or behaviors of being drunk.
  • When it provokes noises that disturb the normal development of the establishment.
  • When adopting measures or attitudes against the health and cleanliness of the establishment.
  • When it is attempted against the normal social coexistence of the establishment. However, and in the cases described above, the person is obliged to pay the expenses generated up to the moment of the prohibition of access or permanence in the establishment. It will not be possible to book services of the establishment against the stipulated price.

It is expressly prohibited, in all areas and dependencies of this establishment, the use, consumption or possession of dangerous products and substances, in application of the current legislation on public health.

In order to guarantee the safety, privacy and tranquility of the users, this establishment has technical electronic surveillance devices, with permanent recording elements in all its general or common areas.

The complex reserves the right, before any type of damage, deterioration or theft caused in any installation of the complex by the client, to claim compensation from the latter.

The circulation and stay within the establishment will be in the places reserved for the clients, without these being able to accede in any case to the reserved or private spaces or spaces. The clothing or clothing will be those established for that purpose.